Marian Rivera pleads to stop rumors against Cristine Reyes

Marian Rivera talked about rumors that spread about Cristine Reyes allegedly snobbing her in the movie premiere night of Dindong Dantes last week.

Aside from the rumor that she was not greeted by the actress with Dingdong in the movie, rumors also say that Cristine just passed her through. Some Yan Yan fans are upset especially those that are abroad.

“Nagulat nga ako. Sabi nila hindi ako pinansin (ni Cristine)! Hindi totoo! Hinintay niya muna na batiin ang mga boss ng ABS-CBN. Then nakita niya ako. ‘Uy, Yan, kumusta ka na?’ Tapos may sinabi siya sa akin na nagustuhan ko, na natuwa ako. Okey kami,” Marian shared.

[I’m surprised. They said I was ignored (by Cristine)! It’s not true! He waited first to greet the ABS-CBN boss. Then she saw me. ‘Hey, Yan, how are you?’ Then she told me something that I liked, that made me happy. We’re super okay.]

Cristine has been pestered by bashers because of the incident. Marian emphasized that there is no reason for hate or bashing because there is absolutely no truth to the rumor. Cristine and Marian are in good terms.

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“Hindi kasi inuna niya ‘yung iba. Ayoko naman ng, ‘Hellloooo! Nandito ako!’ Nakakahiya namang gumanu’n. Saka hindi ko naman movie ‘yon kaya alam ko naman kung saan lumagay! Ang hirap naman nu’n,” Marian explains.

[She went ahead and greeted others. I do not want to be, ‘Hellloooo! I’m here! ‘It’s embarrassing to do it. Also, it’s not my movie so I know where to stand.]

Since joining the movie of Dong and Aga Muhlach, they have had a good relationship with the actor’s wife Charlene Gonzales. The four of them wont have a film together but they plan to bond.

With Marian’s taping that night, she could go home early. There are times when she’s too late at work, so when she comes home early, she’s just crying because she misses Miss Zia.

But once she has left her, her sadness is gone.

She shares that dingdong often comforts her. He would say that it will pass, their schedule is not permanent. They will have a chance to bond with Zia again.

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When asked if Dingdong doesn’t ask for sexy time, Marian answered jokingly, “Ay, ano ba ‘yan? Wholesome ang show ko! Pero hindi na niya kailangang mangalabit! Ayyyyy!”

[My show is wholesome! But he doesn’t really need to ask.]

In Super Ma’am, more characters will be introduced to the audience and soon she will be able to change her costume to a sexier one than her current costume as Super Ma’am.


Source: Bandera Inquirer