Marian Rivera has no problem breastfeeding Zia

There is no way pretentions in the friendship that was formed with Marian Rivera and Kim Domingo since the start of their Super Ma’am series.

They even make personal messages so their closeness cannot be denied.

Marian shared that Kim Domingo is not very athletic so sometimes she encounters challenges in shooting fight scenes. She said that Kim really wokrs hard and she studies the moves well. Marian said she can really see Kim’s dedication to the job. She mentioned that they are really working hard together so their bonding and rapport cannot be faked.

Does she not get distracted of Kim’s boobs?

“Hindi naman ako ang nagdadala! May sarili naman ako! Ha! Ha! Ha! May gatas pa nga! At kahit anong mangyari sa boobs ko, at least, nabubuhay ko ang anak ko diyan!”

[I am not the one carrying it! I have my own! Ha! Ha! Ha! There is still milk! And whatever happens to my boobs, and at least, I feed my child with it!]

Her daughter Zia still breastfeeds from her. “Sa anak ko lang ‘yan. Pero hindi ko lang alam pag tulog na ako! Chos! Ha! Ha! Ha!” exclaims GMA Primetime Queen.

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[That’s only for my daughter. I’m just not sure when I’m asleep!]

She also shared that there are still a lot of milk inside her breast. Sometimes, she can even press it and it comes out. Marian said Zia is really blessed with a milk factory in her.

She gives her all in her action scenes so Marian doubts that she’ll get pregnant right away.

But when her series ends, she thinks they’ll be able to do the sitcom with Dingdong Dantes that was planned by GMA for a long time.

“At least, kahit mabuntis ako habang may sitcom, magaan lang ang trabaho ko. Kini-claim ko talagang mabuntis uli! Ha! Ha!”

[At least, even if I get pregnant while doing the sitcom, my job is light. I claim to be really pregnant again! Ha! Ha!]

Marian’s promise is that more viewers will be watching out for their primetime series Super Ma’am, especially now that her costume will change. The series stars Ms. Helen Gamboa, Matthias Rhoads, Jerald Napoles and many more.


Source: Bandera Inquirer