“Bonus na lang din talaga ‘yung magandang ratings” – Marian Rivera

More and more people are starting to get hooked on the more intense episodes of Super Ma’am every night. The Kapuso Primetime Queen, Marian Rivera-Dantes, is very happy with the number of fans supporting their series.

“Bonus na lang din talaga ‘yung magandang ratings. Nakakatuwa lang na kapag lumalabas ako Super Ma’am na ang tawag nila sa akin. Nakakakilig ‘yon, tsaka nakikita ko rin sa feed ko tina-tag ako ng mommies, nanonood mga anak nila ng Super Ma’am so at least may natututunan sila,”

[Really good ratings are just a bonus. It’s just fun when I’m out they call me and they call me Suepr Ma’am. That’s great, and it’s all I see in my feed. I’m tagged by mommies, their kids are watching Super Ma’am so at least they learn.]

In fact, last September, Super Ma’am joined the New York-based Social Wit List as one of the most buzzed about shows worldwide.

Meanwhile, in the story, Tatay Chaplin (Al Tantay) learned that Minerva and Super Ma’am are one and the same when he saw her transformed. The Tamawos attacked Trevor (Matthias Rhoads) so he followed them. But when Tamawo was abot to eat Super Ma’am, Chaplin blocked it and she was not hurt.

Meanwhile, Avenir (Kim Domingo) got the scroll from Super Ma’am and with Rafa (Isabelle De Leon) they climbed Mt. Makiling to find Sakras based on their interpretation. Here they find that what they are looking for is under the care of Ra-quel Henerala. But because Raquel had been dead for a long time, they would only find her living husband Chaplin.

Is Chaplin’s life threatened now that he is the target of Avenir? And how does Minerva protect not only the people, but also his family from the Tamawo?

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Source: Abante