Marian Rivera is Philippine TV’s action queen!

GMA-7 and a group of network executives have been conceiving Marian Rivera’s other action shows and series. Why not create another action show where the girl will be brilliant, courageous, fearless, and will definitely slay the bad guys and curb the oppressed especially the youth.

The past news in real life has been the inspiration for them to come up with such series. And the executive producers also thought that this time a girl would become the super hero and the more unobtrusive women in the male dominant field of action and super heroes.

Thus, the action queen was born in Marian. Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is the queen of action series in the Philippines.

Back in the day, the only action queen of Filipino films was Ms. Celia Fuentes. The group of talented writers of the network immediately hosted the creation of a series of Marian’s outrageous strikes and stunts and tumbling.

When Marian read the script, laughter bursted because her role was very similar to a man, but she was happy to do it because she wanted to.

She also immediately learned stunts, use of whip, guns, knives, different self defense, tumbling, attacking the opponent, and jumping from high altitude.

At first she was scared, she and her nerves were always there, but then she became calm. That’s why in a just a few teasers and highlights of the show, they were already a trending topic and they made it big on TV ratings.

Marian can truly level to any action super star, even her husband Dingdong Dantes.

Are you threatened Dingdong?


Source: Hataw Tabloid