Zia’s play date with Mama Marian.

After a very long taping yesterday for Super Ma’am, Mommy Marian Rivera took thursday off to have a play date with her cute little one Maria Letizia.

Despite her busy schedule, Marian make sure she will have time to bond with Baby Zia.

Marian has super Ma’am taping 3x a week, so as Daddy Dingdong Dantes. They work on their schedule to make sure they don’t work on the same day so one of them can be with Baby Zia.

Mommy Marian posted a video of their play date on her social media account, they were seen sliding together having so much fun.

Earlier this week, Baby Zia also had a playdate with her Lolas at Funville.


And they also went to church together.

Marian also visited her Kultura Family today. Kultura is Marian’s new endorsement.


Balancing Work and Family Life is not easy. Kudos to Dingdong and Marian for doing such a fantastic job.