Hundreds volunteer to be an extra in Super Maam!

Marian Rivera is back on our primetime TV with the action-packed fantaserye Super Ma’am. She plays teacher Minerva Henerala, a weird and quiet teacher who’s often so quiet but has a well-kept secret.

Teacher Minerva becomes Super Ma’am by night – a super hero who kills and slays evil winged creatures called Tamawos.

When they shot in Baliuag, Bulacan, the audience was asked for a volunteer on who will act as an extra.

They were looking for a thief that will receive whiplashing from Marian Rivera as Super Ma’am. This scene will be shot with Carmina Villaroel.


Would you believe that more than a dozen men queued up and was willing to be whiplashed by Marian even without pay?

The staff were surprised to find that many people were still impressed by Marian despite being Dingdong Dantes’s wife and a mother to Zia.

Marian’s appeal is still ever unstoppable and she still has the charisma and sex appeal of a bachelorette.

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Afterall, Marian is not an FHM Hall of Famer for nothing.