Marian Rivera and Charlene Gonzales all-out support for “Seven Sundays”

Charlene Gonzales and Marian Rivera are all-out support for the films of their husbands “Seven Sundays” which is showing on October 11.

Marian posted on her social media account a video of Aga, Dingdong and Enrique Gil who danced and was used as promotions of the Star Cinema movie.

The video was a beautiful and real dance video of three actors who will be starring in the movie in the direction of Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Charlene recited the video and thanked Marian.

Marian has posted a post, “See you soon, ate!” The fans interpreted this as Marian and Charlene seeing each other and going together with Aga and Dingdong on the premiere night of the movie. They are most likely to meet.


Meanwhile, Dingdong appeared on Magandang Buhay with his mother. Angeline Dantes to promote the movie. Dingdong was always allowed by GMA-7 to guest on ABS-CBN’s shows when he is filming with Star Cinema.

Dingdong and Marian’s DongYan fans enjoyed Dingdong’s visit to the Super Ma’am set by Marian. There are pictures of the couple on Dingdong’s visit and Marian’s caption, “Super Maam and Robinhood have visited her (Dingdong’s name is Alyas Robin Hood).”