Marian sexy havana dance!

The internet was talking about Primetime Queen’s Marian Rivera-Dantes dance production number of Camilla Cabello’s Havana last week at Sunday Pinasaya.

Many praises Marian’s performance, she is very graceful, many also praises Marian’s figure.

Some says she is sexier now after giving birth to her daughter Maria Letizia. I’m sure her husband Dingdong would agree, and we absolutely agree as well.

Without further ado here’s Marian’s performance of Havana.

Click here to watch Marian’s Havana


Meanwhile, Marian is thankful to the continues support for her tv series Super Maam.

Super Maam continue to rule MEGATAM ratings.

Her Saturday program ‘Tadhana’ is also consistent topping the saturdah afternoon ratings.


Don’t forgot to watch Super Maam and Alyas Robinhood.