Angelica Shares what she likes about Marian

Marian Rivera and Angelica Panganiban are both from rival networks.

Angelica also has teamed up with Marian’s husband Dingdong countless times.

Oddly, the two are really good friends.

Angelica shared that Marian is someone that she likes very much.
“Echosera yun eh!” Angelica shared.

The actress then proceeded to tell a story of a time when Marian texted her to tell her that Marian will visit the set of a movie that she and Dingdong are doing.

“She texted me on the first day of shooting, “Bakla dadalaw ako diyan!” she said she’ll also tag Zia along.

I said, “Yea. Cook for us!” She replied, “Sure!” But no, we have all ready packed up but Marian was not able to go.

But Angelica mentioned that she texted Marian and the actress apologized because she got busy.

Anyway there are many other opportunities for the two to hangout.

Dingdong on the other hand, does not know that Angelica and his wife have set that meeting. He just said that perhaps, Marian will visit some other time.

Angelica was asked what she liked most about Marian.

She shared, “We’re both crazy. I like that about her.”