Dingdong Dantes shared funniest trait that he doesn’t want Zia to get from him

In an episode of Tonight with Boy Abunda for a movie, Dingdong Dantes answered funny and intriguing questions from Tito Boy in the segment Fast Talk.

Here are some of his answers:

Who is the funniest person you know?

Dingdong answered her daughter Zia.

If Marian is an “ulam”, what would she be?

He answered, “kaldereta”.

What is one thing that you are lazy about doing?

 Dingdong said, “Maligo sa gabi” [To take a bath at night]

What is something that you wouldn’t want your daughter to get from you?

 He blurted, “malakas umutot” [one who farts hard]. This elicited a crazy sound of laughter from the audience.

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Who is the Kapamilya actor that you admire?

Dingdong answered “Enrique Gil”.

What is your biggest insecurity?

 He revealed, “mabahong paa”.

What is the sexiest part of your wife?

 Dingdong answered, sense of humor.

Who initiates doing “it” more?

Dingdong revealed, “pantay”. [equal]

 And when asked, SEX or CHOCOLATES

Sex! Dindong said with conviction.

And the best food to eat after sex is fried chicken.