Miguel Tanfelix is so inlove with Marian Rivera

Kapuso teen star Miguel Tanfelix is growing up fast. He’s growing up even manlier and more handsome.

In the same way, he seems to be bolder and bolder in expressing to Marian how much crush he has on the Kapuso primetime queen.

Recently, Miguel took the chance to take a photo with Marian and her new fringed do on Sunday PinaSaya. The teen star seemed to have been smitten by Marian’s new look that he posted the photo on Instagram with a very obsessed-sounding caption.

“Cover for my dream project. Libre lang mangarap! [It’s free to dream]” Miguel’s caption reads.

Yes, there is no malice in his affection for his ate Yan Yan. He just dreams of working with her on a project or collaborating with her on a series.

And perhaps it goes for every single teen idol. They want to be paired with Marian Rivera because she is really a goddess.

But in the photo that Miguel posted, Marian was looking super fresh and sleek with her Barbie-like hairdo. Anyone would have been smitten by her.

Marian was indeed stunning. All she did was change her hairstyle and added bangs. She immediately looked 10 years younger and pretty much like a teenager.

One netizen commented, “Marian is just drop dead gorgeous. ‘Di mo akalain na di sila magkaedad ni Miguel. Dyosa talaga!” [You would not believe that they are not the same age (Miguel and Marian) She’s really a goddess]

Anyway, Marian is very appreciative of Miguel’s ‘love’ for him. In fact, he gave three hearts to Miguel’s photo of them. She said that …

“Hahahahaha galing mo kanina sa dance floor!” [You were great at the dance floor]


Source: Abante