Dingdong, Enrique and Aga dancing

Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes denied rumors that he will be joining politics in the next elections. He said that he hasn’t given a YES to any of the parties reportedly giving him offers.

But if he decides to give politics a go, he said that his wife Marian Rivera will be there to support him.

However, he just wants to focus on his goodwill work with YesPinoy Foundation. The organization that he founded, that helps better people’s lives.

All he thinks about now is working hard and giving his all in his projects for his family. His little girl Zia is turning two years old and so he is really striving to give her a great and bright future. His Alyas Robin Hood role Pepe will undergo a lot of transformation and he thinks that now is the time for his role to make a stand. Pepe’s main goal is to save his mother and have a good life with Venus (Andrea Torres).

In other news, Dingdong Dantes is also starring on the newest Star Cinema offering, “Seven Sundays”.

It is a story that highlights family values. DIngdong will star with great actors such as Ronaldo Valdez, Aga Muchlach and Enrique Gil.

It is a story about a father who is dying and his kids making a commitment to devote time to care for their sick father.

In a viral fanmade video, we can see how Dingdong, Enrique and Aga can pass as brothers – they all dance so well. Quen is known for his dance moves as seen on his variety shows in the Kapuso network. And we all know that Dingdong started out as part of a dance group before going fulltime in acting. Aga is also known for his killer moves that go with his irresistable dimples.

Seven Sundays is showing really soon.


Source: Star Cinema