Marian Rivera’s real attitude

We were surprised by the beautiful actress Ms. Marian Rivera. Her beauty is very intimidating – maybe it’s her Spanish features so we think she’s a snob but in real life she’s not.

Actually, she is very sweet when you get close to her. And mind you, she is very generous to her friends and loyal. If you recall, the stand-up comedienne Boobay used to be in some programs on GMA 7 but has been stroke previously and needed so much financial assistance and it was Marian who paid Boobay’s hospital bills. It’s a huge amount but she didn’t mind just to save a friend’s life.

And you do not hear her bragging about what she did. Unlike some celebrities who have just been able to do little charities, the cameras are immediately concerned. Crazy, right? But Marian is not like that, she’s not selfish.

She is often called the MIS-UNDERSTOOD PRINCESS OF SHOWBIZ. True, right? She has her own set of bashers and detractors but we all know that this girl is truly wonderful.

And when reporters try to stand up for her, she does her best to thank them.

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But Marian isvery true. She is not hypocritical. If she does not want you, she’s deadma but if she loves you, she’ll make you feel that love. So, that’s why she’s blessed as she is.

Similarly, Alden Richards. He’s only quietly helping those in need. Very good and respectful to their colleagues. Of course, anyone of us has mood swings – have bad hair days, right? You can not be goody-goody all the way. We are not saints.

But talking about character, Marian and Alden are characteristic. You know me, I speak my heart. Imagine, I’m still on the other side of the network to be close to my heart.

So with the detractors of Marian and Alden, eat your hearts out. They are great and geniune people. You cannot bring them down.

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Source: Bandera