Marian and Angel are really good friends

The teleserye queens of the rival networks Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin seem to have no tension whatsoever.

They seem to be really good friends as seen in their sweet exchanges online.

Angel posted “Good luck, Yan!” In an Instagram post by Marian that promoted its new Kapuso primetime series Super Ma’am.

Yan responded to Angel’s, “Thank you,” that the fans of two actresses are delighted.

In fairness because of YanGel they are both chummy and their friendship, even if they’re from rival networks.

Angel is in La Luna Sangre, which could have been on the same slot as Super Ma’am. It wasn’t and so it comes before Alyas Robin Hood of Yan’s husband Dingdong Dantes which is on the same timeslot as La Luna Sangre.

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Yan said that many people from both networks feels pressured but not them.

She just wants to do her job well and she’s happy to work, with her new friends on the cast whom she considers her new family.

Marian’s high school teacher, Minerva Henerala, is super and fantastic yet, she’s a secret epic Tamawo slayer.

Tamawo is the shape-shifting creatures that Ma’am Minerva will meet.

Yan is happy that she plays as a teacher and is pleased to have Jerald Napoles, her personal choice, with Super Ma’am.

Yan sees a cute twist adding Jerald, besides the new Kapuso hunk named Matthias Rhoads.

Yan said, Matthias loved his job even though he was a novice. The Fil-Am hunk is very willing to learn, listening and focusing on Direk LA Madridejos’s instructions

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Yan noted that Kapuso sexy star Kim Domingo is also a personal choice for her.

She said aside from being “pantasya ng bayan”, Kim is the perfect character for Super Ma’am’s sister. Kim is beautiful, sexy, and kind.


Source: Abante Tonite