“Super Mom ka muna bago Super Ma’am” – Dingdong Dantes on Marian Rivera

Dingdong Dantes admitted that he and her wife Marian Rivera are challenged with finding time to talk to one another because they are both busy with their primetime teleserye in GMA 7.

According to Kapuso Primetime King, they have rarely bonded in recent weeks because of their series and movies.

In an interview for GMA Telebabad series Alyas Robin Hood 2 in Marikina he recently shared some of their memorable scenes from Andrea Torres, Jay Manalo, Gabby Eigenmann and Edu Manzano hit.

“Kailangan lang talaga may management sa oras. Halimbawa ‘yung trabaho niya MWF kami dito sa ARH ay TTHS so mapalad kami ‘yung GMA na consider nila ‘yun kasi siyempre para sa kanila mahalaga pa rin ‘yung family, so iniisip din nila ‘yung pagiging parents namin ni Marian,”

[“It just needs management at the time. For example, her taping day is MWF we are here at ARH’s TTHS so we are happy that GMA considers our schedule because of course for them the family is still important, so they’re thinking of Marian and me as parents too, ]”he said while preparing for a scene.

He confessed that they are not talking much because they rarely see each other. But when there’s an opportunity during the weekends, they get together. Afterall, it’s just a temporary project.

Dingdong said that his movie with Star Cinema is one of his many projects. He shared that he and Marian just think about their family’s future when faced with challenging situations.

Marian also talked about how their child, Baby Zia, can receive quality time despite their busy schedule. He said that Marian is still very hand-on with Zia despite her busy schedule.

Dingdong reminds Marian that she needs to be careful when doing her action scenes, “Super Mom ka muna bago Super Ma’am [You’re a Super Mom first before you are a Super Ma’am]

Dingdong shared that there are many things in store for the viewers of Alyas Robin Hood 2, especially him rescuing his mother who was kidnapped. The role of her mother is played by Jacqlyn Jose.

Of course, ARH2’s production of conscious effort has been much improved and more memorable scenes in the series can be seen. Dingdong said that when you’re doing a project that’s quality you have to be better, or you have better than the previous one.

“One, ‘yung technology natin ngayon mas mainam na. ‘Yung mga hindi natin ginagawa dati possibly na ngayon kaya wala ng reason para gumawa ng hindi maganda. Nakikita ko naman ‘yung competition is getting tougher,” said Kapuso Primetime King.

Is he still pressured with other shows from the rival network or is he more calmed and confident now.

“Well, its not our job. You have people doing that. My job really is to stay true to my character to make him come alive to the best of my abilities. Of course, there’s a developmental character, that’s level up. All we really want is to give the viewers a beautiful and meaningful show and to impart values,” said Alyas Robin Hood.

Alyas Robin Hood is still watching on GMA Telebabad after Super Ma’am in the direction of Dominic Zapata.

Another of the things to watch out for on Alyas Robin Hood is the showdown of Solenn and Andrea. Two bombshell has begun to heat just because of a siopao.

Dong said, there is much more to the character of Andrea and Solenn especially when it comes to action. Solenn is a talented young actress, she enjoys risque action scenes on ARH2.


Source: Bandera