Marian Rivera and the Super Ma’am cast – One Big Happy Family

Marian Rivera is back on our TV screens with GMA 7’s newest offering, Super Ma’am.

The series is a fantasy with a hint of action. This is why Marian is usually so tired after every shooting day. She does her own stunts and does not want to use a body double.

Marian said she likes to put in 100% effort in the work that she does. So, she doesn’t mind being tired.

Plus, all her stress goes away when she reads the positive comments of the netizens on her show. They have been getting positive raves and high ratings for the show. It’s the “new favorite show” in town.

Her unica hija Zia is also a certified Super Ma’am fan.

She even learns to speak “Mom watch tayo Super Ma’am”. She asks Marian to watch Super Ma’am with her whenever they are at home.

Jackie Lou Blanco, the actress that play the villain and Tamawo leader, also loves being on the set. She said that the entire cast is like a family.

They are bonding well and they have a lot of fun in the set.

Marian even described it as being “ampon” of one big family. Their cast is forming a very deep bond with each other. It’s always fun working with the cast and staff of Super Ma’am.

The Kapuso actress also felt happy because the teachers who watch the show appreciate it. They tweet sweet messages such as “Super Ma’am ako sa amin” [I am the Super Ma’am of my school]

Marian is really enjoying this project as it was her dream to be a teacher.