Matthias on Marian: “We have this connection”

Fil-Am hunk and newcomer Matthias Rhoads have had many TV guestings since launching his first ever show Super Ma’am. He is joined by none other than Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera.

Matthias plays the role of archeologist Trevor Jones. It is his first time working with Marian but their chemistry is undeniable, as seen on their photos from the Super Ma’am photoshoot.

But the fast food commercial model turned Kapuso admitted that he was nervous when he first met Marian.

He said that he felt a little intimidated as Marian is already a veteran in the industry, whilst he is just a newcomer. Matthias said he felt really nervous.

They just got comfortable with each other during the photoshoot of Super Ma’am, when they became close. Some fans did not sit well with that idea.


He once posted a photo together with Marian and it got a lot of hate on the internet. Some fans were not happy that Marian, a profiled actress, is paired with someone “unknown” such as Matthias. Afterall, this is Marian’s comeback series. Perhaps the fans were expecting someone else.

Matthias shared, “I actually got a lot of flak when I posted this. There are a lot of fans, who were upset, [and] I didn’t know where it came from. I guess they never heard of me, and she’s [famous]. I’m just promoting the show,”

Marian and Matthias did not mind these bashers. They are working together successfully, and the results are showing because the episodes are getting more and more intense. Their rating is also top scale.

Matthias concluded, “We have this connection. We’re both born [on] the same day of the same [month], August 12. We’re both Leos which I believe is [a] powerful sign [and] combination.”

Source: GMA Network