Super Ma’am tops Megatam Top Programs!

On its second week, Kapuso primetime queen Marian Rivera’s comeback show Super Ma’am is hitting high on ratings.

Many viewers are getting hooked on the storyline of Super Ma’am. It’s a perfect mix of action fantasy and comedy all rolled in to one show with a touch of heart-warming lessons.

Everyone is really proud of Marian especially her Lola Iska, whom she fondly calls Nanay Iska. She was the one who raised Marian when her mother had to work abroad for them.

Shyr Valdez, one of Marian’s co-stars in Super Ma’am, witnessed how close YanYan and her Nanay Iska is. Shyr posted an Instagram story of Nanay Iska visiting her granddaughter Marian on the set of Super Ma’am. Shyr said that the 68-year old grandmother of the Kapuso Primetime star always visits her, any time of the day. She does not seem to mind traveling from Cavite to their taping location just to see her lovely YanYan.

Marian admits that Nanay Iska inspires her a lot. Her dear lola motivates her to work harder and to strive for excellence in all her projects. The viewers can affirm to this because their show is really well-written and everything is excellently executed. Even the action scenes are really top notch.

Super Ma’am director Direk LA Madridejos credited Marian for being very professional and bubbly on the set. Marian is always present on the set even when it is not yer her scene. She only leaves when she has to change her costumer or outfit and comes back quickly to man the taping again.

Because of their combined hard work, Super Ma’am is number one on a survey conducted by MegaTam Top Programs on Sept. 22!

Congratulations, Super Ma’am!