Body Odor? Here’s what you need to do!

A Kapuso on social media reached out to the “Pinoy MD” program to seek advice on what can be done to eliminate her child’s body odor. There was also a question about the problem of skin asthma.

According to resident dermatologist of “Pinoy MD” Dr. Jean Marquez, good body hygiene is the best way to lose an unpleasant body odor.

He recommended the use of antibacterial soap in bathing.

And since body odor comes from sweat that leaves the body, it is best to put baby power or baking soda on the skin to absorb the sweat.

He also pointed that people who eat red meat often have body odor. So Dra. Marquez shared that it is best to reduce meat consumption and eat vegetables.

The Pinoy M.D. doctor does not recommend the use of strong deodorant, especially in children, as it may have a bad effect on the skin.

Dra Marquez also explained what is happening to children with asthma skin.