Marian Rivera feels excited about her action scenes

The avid fans of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes are already gluing their eyes on their TV screens as the shows of their favorite Kapuso couple. Dingdong’s Alyas: Robin Hood comes on immediately after Marian’s new series Super Ma’am.

The fans are anticipating the appearance of Super Ma’am after Minerva Henerala, Super Ma’am’s alter ego, got bit by the Tamawo creatures that she also has bitten back.

Super Ma’am appears whenever there is a call for help or whenever someone is in danger.

Did Marian not have a hard time filming her action scenes?

“Siyempre ay mahirap din ang mga action scenes na ginagawa ko, pero hindi naman ako pinababayaan ng trainer ko kung ano ang dapat kong gawin para hindi rin ako masaktan, [Of course, the action scenes that I am doing are also difficult, but my trainer is always there to help so I won’t get hurt]” Marian shared.

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Marian even confessed that she barely uses a stunt double. She likes to do her fight scenes on her own. She said she enjoys her stunt scenes and she want to feel the fullness of her stunts.

Marian, being the religious girl that she is, also confessed that she never forgets to pray before doing every scene.

The Kapuso actress is truly impressive because even after giving birth to her daughter Zia, she is still very fit and active. She seemed stronger and more able now that she has become a mom. She’d often joke that taking care of Zia while she was growing up was her training.

Source: PhilStar