who is the disciplinarian and enabler (konsintidor) in disciplining Zia

Ten years after appearing together in Marimar, Marian Rivera-Dantes and Dingdong Dantes are once again seen on primetime tv.

This time in their own tv series, Super Ma’am for Marian and Alyas Robin Hood for Dingdong, in back-to-back time slots.

Marian said she is looking forward that she and her husband Dingdong, though not in one show, will be in back-to-back primetime shows.

“Super Maam is an inspirational show. The audience of primetime tv will be treated to Super Maam, ALyas Robin Hood and Korean Jagiya,” Dingdong said.

Now that they are parents to their only child Zia, Dingdong and Marian choose their projects that will set a good example to the youth.

Marian confirmed, “At this point in my life, yes definitely, in every project I am a part of (and will be doing in the future), I always consider if I will be a good example, especially to the mothers.”

“I really embrace my being a mother. Super Ma’am is really for children. My daughter can watch it”.

“In all the projects that we do, we want the audience to also learn something (from the show) especially the youth.”

“Who else would be the most important person for me and Marian now but our own child, so we want that in the future, when she gets to watch our shows, she will learn many things from our shows,” Dingdong added.

In Dingdong’s instagram post, he expressed how proud he is of the Super Mom of their family.

Asked who is the disciplinarian and enabler in disciplining Zia, Marian laughingly conceded, “Okay, it’s me who disciplines her”.

The couple said Zia is both a daddy’s girl and mommy’s girl. They are shared that they are ready to have another child.
“Whatever God wills,” Dingdong stated.