Daddy Dong & Baby Zia’s Sundate!

Daddy Dong & Baby Zia’s Sundate!

Daddy Dingdong Dantes and his adorable baby princess Maria Letizia went on a date today.

Daddy Dong posted this adorable photo on his IG stories account.

They are having some Daddy & Me time! Dingdong captioned the photo, “Sundate.”


They also visited Dingdong’s cousins and Zia’s Ninang Trish and Tita Pam.

Dingdong posted a photo of the trio.


Yesterday, while Mommy Marian and Daddy Dingdong both have work, Dingdong’s Mom and Zia’s grandma Mommy Angeline took care of Zia.

She posted this photo on her Instagram account.


Tomorrow, September 18 is the pilot premiere of Marian’s most awaited tv series ‘Super Maam’.


It will air after 24 oras.