Among all the celebrity couples, Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes are our favorites; for obvious reasons.

But other than that, the Kapuso Primetime King and Queen proved to all of us that they are the ultimate relationship goals. With their love story transcending from TV to the real life, and overcoming a stormload of issues and trials, who would not be inspired?

Looking at their social media accounts, we can also see how they make us wish we had our own DongYon love story.

Here are the reasons they are ultimate #relationshipgoals:

1. They are always supportive of each other.
No matter what they do, what field they choose to take on, they have each other’s back. They are each other’s number one fan.
We can see how supportive they are on their Instagram accounts.

Marian posted a sweet message for Dingdong when the acotr returned for the second season of Alyas: Robin Hood.


Dingdong, likewise, posted a mushy message for wife Marian when she entered a new industry – the floral industry. She founded Flora Vida.


2. They explore the world together.

Despite their ever-so-busy schedule, they make it a point to travel and explore the world together. They visit places hand in hand which, according to science, makes relationships stronger.


3. They spend precious moments together – even if it’s just eating!

They say that you gain weight when in a relationship because love makes you bloat. Well, maybe it’s because you like spending quality time with your partner. And eating, as we all know, is a fun activity to share with out loved one.

And so it is with our DongYan couple. They like eating together. But they never seem to gain that love-weight at all!


Marian says, “Mahilig kasi kaming kumain talaga. Bonding talaga namin ‘yon.”

The couple always posts #datenight on their social media.

4. They are playful and they like having fun.

There is never a dull moment with this two. They are both naturally quirky and comical. You could just imagine the laughter that they share when they are together.


5. They love surprising each other.

These two seem to master the love language of gift giving. They enjoy surprising one another with extravagant gifts.


Marian is also known for her one of her expensive suprises for Dingdong, his Ducati motor bike given to him by Marian on their wedding day.

These two make us swoon and wish for fabulous love! Tell us why they’re your favorites!