If you have noticed, majority of the endorsements of GMA Primetime Queen Marian Rivera are beauty products that take care of skin complexion and hair.

And Marian has all the right to endorse such products because it seems that she’s the fairest of us all, Marian is truly a goddess of beauty.

Because the products are very effective, sales triple and even go beyond the market expectations.

Marian has yet another endorsement, the Snow Crystal White Tomato. This capsule will not only beautify, polish, and whiten your skin but also give off energy and positive aura especially for working mothers.

The price of a bottle is P2,985.
Here is Marian’s statement at the grand launch of her new endorsement held on Friday at the New World Hotel in Makati.


“Hindi lang ito pampaputi, hindi lang iyon ang target ng Snow. Minsan kailangan talaga nating mag-take ng supplement para safe ka at may energy ka, ito na ‘yun. Maarte ako sa endorsement , gusto ko i-try muna at ini-explain din sa akin ang benefits ng Snow.

Hindi na ako bagets, kailangan ko nang mag-supplement, sabi pa ng actress na ini-engganyo ang lahat ng working moms na tulad niya na subukan ito.

Gusto rin pala ni Marian, na ma-ging ehemplo siya ng mga naging nanay na, na takot maging ina dahil pabaya na at hindi kayang alagaan ang sarili kapag may asawa’t mga anak na.

“Gusto kong i-embrace nila ang pagkakataon dahil napakasarap magkaroon ng asawa’t anak. Tapos iinom ng Snow (Crystal White Tomato). Ewan ko lang kung hindi ka maging snow-snow talaga,” shared Marian.

The Snow launch was albeit extravagant. Hence, Marian was teased as to how much talent fee was paid to her by the President and CEO of Vida Nutriscience, Inc. Erick Armigos. Mrs. Dantes just laughed it off, probably affirming that it was a huge one.


Yan Yan went to the event with her daughter, Baby Zia, because it was her turn to babysit and Dingdong Dantes is in a shooting for the action series “Alyas Robinhood.”

She doesn’t want Zia to be out of her sight as much as possible but she and her husband have to work for Zia’s future. And if Dingdong has Alyas Robinhood, Marian has a new series called “Super Ma’am” and her show Tadhana is on its second season.