Personally, I’m requesting whoever is behind that parody account, please take it down.” – Dingdong Dantes

Because of the person behind the Parody account using Marian Rivera-Dantes’ name to express her/his own personal political views and opinions, Marian and her family were the one who receive the backslash.

Duterte’s diehard supporters who believe the said account is actually the real Marian started to post hateful and threateninf comments to Marian and her family.

Marian’s husband Dingdong Dantes requested the account to be taken down.

“Personally, I’m requesting whoever is behind that parody account, please take it down. he said.

He also added if political views are involved and becoming a reason that her family is receiving hates and threats, he will not let it happen.

“Minsan entertaining na magbasa ng mga parody accounts pero to a certain point, pagka involved na ang political views na nagiging dahilan ng threats or ng mga hindi magagandang bagay para sa akin, sa aking asawa, lalo sa aking pamilya, ay hindi ko papayagang mangyari ‘yun,” he added.


“Siguro we were entertained already. Yes, we understand how witty you are, we’re grateful also sa mga magagandang na-contribute mo.” he said.

“But to express political views na magiging dahilan na magkaroon ng threats or magkaroon ng hindi magandang pananaw sa akin, lalo na sa asawa’t pamilya ko, ay hindi ko papayagang mangyari ‘yun.”

Meanwhile, Dingdong thanked Marian for Marian’s support for the art exhibit.

Super salamat sa aking asawa for donating this floral piece to @yespinoy. Mas naging meaningful ang aming 8th anniversary because of your generosity and willingness to collaborate with Carlo and Mark. I appreciate all the love that you put into making pieces like this. Isa kang superhero para sa mga kabataang mabibigyan ng go bags dahil sa sales ng trabaho mong ito. 😘