Marian’s buwis buhay birthday dance number.

Marian’s buwis buhay birthday dance number.

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes celebrated her birthday with a dance production number last sunday on Sunday Pinasaya.

Many netizens praises Marian’s gracefulness, that her dancing is ‘Walang Kupas.’


Marian revealed that Sunday Pinasaya requested that she do a production number for her birthday. She gladly obliged.

As everyone knows Marian is very good at dancing, one of her title is ‘The Queen of the dancefloor’.

Here is Marian’s dance production number..


Ofcourse Marian’s number one fan her husband also posted about her performance.

He posted, “Here’s my wife– killing it at what she does best. Happy 33rd baby! 😘”


Marian’s new teleserye is set to air this september, it will be replacing Mulawin vs. Ravena.

That means Dingdong and Marian will be back to back in Primetime.