Cute conversation of Marian and Zia.

Marian Rivera brings Baby Maria Letizia to the launching of her new endorsement ‘Snow Crystal White Tomato’. Because Dong was taping for Alyas Robinhood Book 2.

While Marian is working and having the press launch of her new endorsement, Baby Zia is in the other room of New World Hotel while waiting for her Mama.

After the launching, it was our first time to see Maria Letizia in person, they are waiting for their car.

Now we fully understand why Marian cries whenever she is working and misssing Baby Zia. We witnessed how Bibo and loving Zia towards her Mama.

Zia is just one year and eight months and she already can speak words very well. She is always hugging and kissing her Mama.


Marian: Ano name mo?
Zia: Zia! (Points to herself.)
Marian: Saan tayo pupunta?
Zia: Sa mall.
Marian: Ano gusto mo sa mall?
Zia: Lollipop!
Marian: Ano name ng tatay mo?
Zia: Dingdong!
Marian: Ano name ng mama mo?
Zia: Marian!
Marian: Ano tawag mo sa kanya? (Marian points to her Manager Rams David.
Zia: Atenggg!! Zia screams!

And whenever marian said “po”, Zia will repeat her words now with “po”. Until now Marian is breastfeeding Baby Zia.

Her waistline is back to 19 inches as well.

“Hindi ko na rin kasi kailangang mag-exercise, iyong sundan-sundan ko lang si Zia, para na akong nag-exercise. Ang likut-likot na niya kasi at kung saan-saan pumupunta sa loob ng bahay, hindi ko naman siya p’wedeng pabayaan, iyon ang tungkulin ko sa kanya bilang nanay niya.” Marian said.