Zia’s reaction to Barney!

Zia’s reaction to Barney!

Baby Zia just received a huge gift… literally. Zia’s new love is none other than the purple Dinosaur, Barney!

Mama Marian’s stylist Melville Sy gave Baby Zia a huge Barney stuff toy, And Baby Zia love it so much.

Mama Marian and Daddy Dong posted adorable photos of Baby zia cuddling Barney. They captioned their post with ‘Thank you Tito Mel.’

Zia’s new toy Barney is even bigger than her. Here’s a slide show of the photos..

Zia’s reaction is priceless!

Daddy Dong also posted a photo of Marian and Baby Zia whispering to eachother. So cute!


Mama Marian recently talks about Baby Zia. She said Zia fear her more than Dingdong, but Zia knows how to make lambing.

Marian don’t believe in spanking Zia to discipline her. She said if in the future if ever Zia will commit a mistake, they will talk to her.

She also said, it’s too early to scold Baby Zia as she doesn’t fully understand what’s right from wrong.

But Zia is growing as a very respectful child. Mama Marian and Daddy Dingdong is doing an awesome job.