Scerlet kissed Zia! So sweet!

Dingdong, Marian and Maria Letizia recently visited Doctora Vicki Belo, Hayden Kho and Scarlet snow.

Doctora Vicki and Hayden plan to get married in church in france this coming october, and Zia and Scarlet will be the flower girls.


They also met with Michael Sinco who did Marian’s beautiful wedding dress when DongYan got married last 2014. Michael Sinco will be the one to make Doctora Vicki Belo’s wedding gown as well.

Doctora Vicki posted this adorable video of Zia and Scar hugging, shaking eachother hands, doing high fives and scarlet even kissed Zia. So sweet.

Meanwhile, Daddy Dong had an interview with Esquire and he talked avout what it means to be a good father.

“To be a good father, you must fully appreciate being a son , you must fully understand your wife. You must fully understand yourself , and you must fully commit to a life that is greater than yourself.


Mommy Marian also talks about being a Mom, she said that she is not a perfect mother but she will do anything to her Baby and it made her feel like a perfect Mom.

Even though she is busy, Zia is still her number 1 priority.