How Fatherhood changed Dingdong.

Since the birth of his daughter Maria Letizia “Zia” Dantes last November 23, 2015 Dingdong Dantes’ world has been turned upside down – albeit for the better.

Not taking anything away from his beautiful wife and soulmate Marian Rivera , there is now a new lady who keeps his heart hostage.

“Priorities definitely change once you become a father” shares the 35-year-old actor and director/producer.

“Now it’s all about ensuring a future for my daughter , and being there for her.”

Last year he had to set aside three films and turn down the opportunity to join a race , because.


“I wanted to be there for my wife and my daughter during the pregnancy and birth. So i decided , I would only take the essential projects, and do the important task.”

It’s true about what they say, parenthood forces you to grow and mature, and catapults you into a new level of awareness and wisdom
“it’s a total shift.” admits Dingdong.

“Fatherhood has changed me a lot. in a sense , mas nagkaroon ng meaning, ng hugot ang buhay ko. For example yung reason for doing things before was very limited and personal. And now, it’s really not about me , it’s not about us either, my wife and I. It’s about the future of our child , and our children to be.”

Despite Zia still being a wee three-month old baby , his plans and dreams for her have grown exponentially. “I want her to have everything and try all these that are possible,” he shares” As a father I’m excited for her to discover the world. As she grows old , mabubuksan yung Mata nya sa music, sports and other things. Kung Saan siya dalhin ng interest niya, I would want her to try it.”


Staying fit takes on a whole new meaning and purpose as Dingdong Dantes makes the new commitment to become a stronger father for his daughter, Zia.

Today, living healthy and working out is no longer about getting the perfect summer body or getting in shape for the role that he wants (while it does still factors in).

With a new baby in tow, who’s dependent on him, he explains. ” You have to make sure that you’ll be 100 % there for them. I want to be strong and fit, and be there in every way for my kid.”


Dingdong enumerates the changes he has made to lead a healthier, better life “I train at the gym more regularly.I’m more physically active in terms of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Kasi dati, attempt lang, but now I’ve realized that I really need to commit to this way of life. ”

“I joined the running group headed by Kim Atienza. And just last week. Pinasok niya ako sa team. Pressure sa akin yun kasi they’re athletes : while ako saling pusa lang Pero maganda yung napu-push ka by these people, because you’ve forced.”