Baby Zia’s animal sound and parts of the body!

In an interview with GMA Reporter Aubrey Carampel, Zia was asked different parts of the Body and she knows them all.

“Hindi tayo matatapos pag nag lesson tayo ngayon, animal sounds and parts of the body.” Marian said.

“Alam niya na yun?” Aubrey asked Marian, and Marian answered her, “Oo alam niya na yun. TAnungin mo siya”

Aubrey: Zia where is the eyes?
Zia: *points at her eyes*
Aubrey: Where’s your nose?
Zia: *points at her nose*
Marian: your teeth?
Zia: *zia shows her teeth.*
Marian: how about your arms?
Zia: *zia grabs her arms*
Marian: how about your tongue?
Zia: *Zia shows her tongue*
Marian: how about your legs?
Zia: Zia shows her legs*

Zia's animal sound and parts of the body by TeamDantes

Then Mama Marian continue to Different Animal sounds.

Marian: What is the sound of a cat?
Zia: Meow!
Marian: what is the sound of a sheep?
Zia: Baaaahahaha

And Zia grabs the mic of Aubrey Carampel. So adorable.

Meanwhile, Mama Marian is set to start taping for her upcoming fantaserye ‘The good teacher tomorrow June 30th.

And Daddy Dong will starred in 2 new movies, one with Anne Curtis via Viva Films and the other one is with Aga Mulach and Enrique Gil via Star Cinema.