Baby Zia shows us how to sit when wearing a dress.

Baby Zia shows us how to sit when wearing a dress.

At One year and 6 months, Baby Zia is already showing us how to sit like a lady, when wearing a dress.

At such a young age Baby Maria Letizia, the daughter of Primetime King and Queen Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes already know how to be prime and proper. She sits like a young lady should sit.

We are pretty sure her beautiful Mama taught her how, Good Job Mama Marian!

When Zia wants something she will let her Daddy and Mama know by kissing them. Such a sweet baby. As Daddy Dingdong said, she is irresistible like her Mama.

And Baby Zia already knows how to answer ‘Opo’, a word use to express respect to someone or someone older.

She also knows how to say ‘Please’ whenever she wants something, she’s so adorable beyond words.

And as Daddy Dong says, she is very obedient to her Mom. Daddy Dingdong and Mama Marian is doing a great job raising such a respectful and obedient child.

Baby Zia is becoming more and more beautiful everyday. She is literally ‘Little Marian.’

Here’s a slide show of Baby Zia’s cuteness.

The Dantes Family is on the US for 12 days, they will be back on Monday.

Mama Marian will return to work and start preparing for her most awaited primetime series.

Let’s hope Baby Zia will be able to visit her Mom on set.