Video: Baby Zia blowing the candle!

Video: Baby Zia blowing the candle!

The Dantes Family celebrated a friend’s birthday and also advance birthday celebration of Baby Zia.

Baby Maria Letizia will turn 2 years old on November 23, 2017.

After singing Happy Birthday to a friend, they all sang Happy Birthday to Baby Zia and she is so excited to blow the candle.

You can see her actually trying to blow the candle while everyone were still singing happy birthday to her. Such a cute moment.

Even the other people around them are clapping and singing happy birthday.

Baby Zia was also reunited with her friend Francis.

Here’s the cute video…

Zia's advance birthday celebration

Dantes Family spent 3 days in Lake Tahoe before flying to Los Angeles for their Carson show.

They are with some relatives, friends and also their managers, Perry Lansigan, Paolo Luciano and Rams David.

They are now in Los Angeles to prepare for their show in Carson this June 10 for the Philippine Independence Day Celebration of our Kababayans living in California.

Many fans asked DongYan during their show in Vallejo where is Baby Zia? Dong said she was sleeping. Many of our kababayans also wanted to see Baby Zia in person.

The Dantes Family will be back in manila on June 12. Marian is set to return to primetime after 3 years of absence with her fantaserye ‘The Good Teacher.’

Marian will play a teacher who has super powers to fight supernatural beings.

There is no date announce when will Marian’s fantaserye will start airing but fans are already anticipating Marian’s new Fantaserye.