Marian Rivera explains why she can’t bring Zia to work.

Even though Marian Rivera would love to have many children, they are waiting for the right time to have another baby.

Marian said,“I have to work first, i didn’t work for almost 2 years, so it’s about time that i get back to work.”

Marian will start taping for her new teleserye very soon, but first she will visit our kababayan abroad in califonia this June with her husband Dingdong Dantes for GMA Pinoy TV.

The press asked Marian, how would she feel that she will be taping most of the time when she gets back doing teleserye away from Zia.

Marian said, “I’m having separation anxiety…”

She added, “just doing this shoot i was like ‘ah, it’s 8pm already, i haven’t seen my baby for the whole day! I need to condition my self, Dong will take care of her.

“Dong and i have an agreement, when i’m working he will be the one to take care of Zia.”

One of the press suggest that she bring Zia to the taping.

Marian answered, “I will not be able to concentrate! The director will tell ‘Yan, roll na!’ and i will answer ‘Later direk! I’m still breastfeeding my baby!'”

Marian will start taping for her teleserye ‘The Good Teacher,’ this will be Marian’s first teleserye in almost 3 years.

She decided to take a break from doing teleserye to focus on Baby Zia, as Baby Zia is fully breastfed by her, and until now Marian still breastfed Baby Zia.

While Marian works, Daddy Dong will look after and take care of Baby Zia. It’s also the reason why they can’t work at the same time.

Source: PEP