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FAST TALK with DongYan…


When is Zia allowed to receive suitors?
MGD: Anytime hahaha (in a joking manner).
DD : Let’s talk about that later at home
Play or sleep with Zia?
DD: Play.
MGD: Both.
Mama’s girl or Papa’s girl?
MGD: Mama’s girl.
DD: Mama’s.
Zia in showbiz?
MGD : No.
DD: Not yet.
Sing or dance with Zia?
DD: Sing.
MGD: Both. I will teach her how to sing. I am a good singer.
Who is the stricter parent:
Parenthood is …
DD: The best job in the world.
MGD: Priceless.
Home-cooked meal or dine out?
MGD: home-cooked meal
DD: Home-cooked meal ..of course.
I want to be healthy because …
MGD: I want to have many children so I have to be healthy.
San Marino is …
MGD: True love
DD: Love
DD: If there are many Zias, there’s so much love.
MGD: Oh, that’s what you call so true, true love.

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