Video: Netizens can’t stop gushing about “Little Marimar”

Marian seems to be sentimental when she posted a picture on instgram the other day.

The one she posted a very sweet photo of their daughter baby Zia in the swing with her pet dog Amigo. People are in awe.

Marian caption it with “Awww si Mariamar at Fulgoso, este, si letiZia at aMigo pala! Hahahaha! Ang sarap nilang pagmasdan…”

In pinoy version on the Spanish Novel Marimar, Marian is the first person to play the role on 2007 in GMA. And her character’s bestfriend is a pet dog named Fulgoso.

Dongyan fans are happy beacuse they feel that baby Zia the beautiful daughter of Dingdong and Marian Dantes will be the future Marimar.

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Dongyan and Zia having a pet also brings joy to the Netizens because they said it is good for baby Zia to grow up in an envrironment that has love and care, not only for people but for pets as well.

They said that having a pet will give you a different happiness. And besides her parents, Amigo can also look out for baby Zia.

That adorable pic of Zia and Amigo got 36k likes and counting on Instagram where Marian have 3.5 millon followers.

Marian's daughter Baby Zia is the future Marimar by dongyanatics