VIDEO: Marian Rivera bumurit ng ‘Halik’ by Aegis!

Marian Rivera is a fan of the pinoy band ‘Aegis.’ She even invited them to her wedding and sing with them during the reception.

Marian joked that Aegis songs suit her voice, that’s why she love singsing their songs.

Marian even supported the hit musical ‘Rak of Aegis’ which featured Aegis Songs.


Marian once again invited aegis, to her morning talk thiow this time, and she sang one of aegis hit song ‘Halik’. With the help of Julie Anne San Jose and Christian Bautista.

Meanwhile, Marian will start taping for her new tv series at the end of the month.

It’s Marian’s first primetime series after 3 years. Her last one was Carmela. Marian took a break from doing teleserye to focus on her daughter Baby Zia.