Marian Rivera-Dantes shares her morning ritual with Daddy Dong & Baby Z!

With the announcement of her new show, GMA Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes shares her morning ritual.

What are the things that make up Marian’s awesome mornings?

She said, “When I wake up in the morning, I see my handsome husband. When I look on the other side, I see my bubbly baby. She smiles as early in the morning. It feels great. The morning vibe is just great.”


She even shared, “God is really amazing to allow me to experience this. And for me, this is the real life. Showbiz is a work I love. But going home is the thing I really look forward to.”


She also shared her bliss now that she is a new mom.

“I don’t know but perhaps the mothers can relate when I say that being a mother is really priceless. I’ve said before that it’s hard to be pregnant and to be in labor but when you see your kid, you will really say “Lord, give me some more.” It’s incomparable. It’s a blissful feeling.”

Source: GMA