Marian holds back from wearing a bra top for Encantadia!

Marian holds back from wearing a bra top for Encantadia!

Marian is back to work. She already did a pictorial for her upcoming morning talk show entitled Yan ang Morning.

“Direk Louie Ignacio and I had a meeting because I don’t want the show to be too unfamiliar for me. Of course, I really want to know the flow so that we could give inspiration to all the viewers,” said Marian, apparently nervous and excited at the same time.

“Yes, as I’ve said, when they gave me the talk show, I was super excited but I also had a lot of questions in mind because hosting is really not my forte. But I told myself, why not try doing things I have never done before.”

She also has a list of people she wants to guest on her show.

“I also have topic suggestions that we could talk about in the show, especially for first time moms like me. Because even I still have a lot to learn and so many questions about life that I will have to learn for my daughter.”

Soon we will also see Marian on Encantadia as Ynang Reyna. Is she ready to work with the four Sang’gres?

“Of course, I am super excited to go back to work. At the same time, I tell myself, here we go again, I have to leave my daughter again. I am having mixed emotions again,” she laughingly said then confessed, “My world really revolves around my daughter, right?”

She is very sexy in her costume.

“Actually, before it even came out in public, Direk Mark already sent me the design. Actually, the top was originally just a bra.

“But I said, I am already a mother, and can’t wear just a bra. But that is the only thing they changed, the rest are still the same.”

Is she excited to wear her costume?

“Of course, a costume is really different, it is more exciting.”

Dawn Zulueta, who originally portrayed the role of Ynang Reyna said that she approves of Marian to portray her old role and only sees Marian as the one and only person who fits the role of Ynang Reyna.

“Of course, I am very happy. When Ms. Dawn and I saw each other, she told me that she was very fond of me (naglilihi,infanticipating) when she was pregnant with her youngest child. That means a lot, coming from Ms. Dawn Zulueta, I am very flattered. Dawn Zulueta is different, a gem. Dawn Zulueta is Dawn Zulueta.”