Endorsement Launch of Dingdong and Marian’s daughter baby Zia was moved to next month!

The trade launch of Maria Letizia Gracia Dantes’ (Dingdong and Marian’s first born) new endorsement was pushed through. It was only Marian who attended the trade launch and Baby Z was not present.

Their TVC endorsement launching was not pushed through either which was moved to a later date.

There was not any pictures from the trade launch either, though Dingdong, showed a black and white picture of his wife and daughter while Marc Nicdao was taking pictures of them.

We would not be surprised either if they do the TVC launching in Sunday PinaSaya because Marian is one the host or in her morning talk show which will start airing on May 2, entitled Yan ang Morning.

During Marian’s first taping day of the show, Dingdong brought Baby Z but they only stayed in Marian’s dressing room.