Marian Rivera is not worried about the rival morning show

Marian also added about her Yan ang Morning! show, “I will also create our own social media account.

“I will post their if I have any questions, especially to the first mommy’s like me because I am sure they have lots of questions too.

“So I will have questions, ‘Like on what topic do they want to talk about?’

“So I will also have a connection with my audience on what they want to talk about. On what they want to know.”

Marian’s talk show will air weekday mornings starting on May.

Marian still does not have any idea on what show she will be competing with, but Marian is not worried about it.

She said, “You know what, TV networks are really like that. They have their own competitors, and own programs.

“So it is all good with me.”

Marian also added, “This is the talk show that does not need pretensions. You will see the real Marian Rivera in here.”

Source: PEP