Marian shares her feelings after shooting first endorsement with Baby Zia.

The truth is, since she came back to showbiz, Marian is rained with blessings not only in her work but also with endorsements. Her daughter Baby Zia at only 4 months was then influenced, who already dived into her first ever TV commercial.

“Like I have said before, I don’t want Baby Z to endorse just yet. So my husband and I did talked about it. Especially his management Perry (Lansigan) and my management Triple A.

“She is just a baby so we really have to decide for her. And this product is really trustworthy. I myself, until now, I still use it.

“And to the people very close to me, during tapings they know that I use it. So what more if I pass it to my daughter,” she said.

“That is it for now. Only that one. Of course, I pity her too. She’s still very young. But you know what, actually, she is unexpected. You think because she is a baby, she will easily get tired. But not her! She is so hyper.

“Maybe, we just had a time out when I breastfed her. After 30 minutes, she goes again! I did not see my daughter having tantrums nor gave an attitude. My God, is this a sign?” Marian added.

Of course, Marian wants Baby Zia to finish her studies first before she enters showbiz or whatever she decides to do in life.

“But I am so proud of her! After I saw our picture, I got carried away. I told Dong, I cried when I saw our picture together. It is really different when you get to be with her in an endorsement. Or is it really just like that when you are a first time mom? Really sensitive,” Marian also said.

Marian was also asked on how much her daughter’s talent fee is.

“It’s like this. I will just say one. Our daughter’s talent fee is much bigger than Dingdong and I’s talent fee! Done! Ha! Ha! Ha!

“Okay, so you also know what the situation is. We opened a PNB account for our daughter so everything that she will earn, we will put it in her bank. So when she turns 18, we will give everything that she earned! We are not going to get anything from her, even a penny,” Marian said.