Marian, opened a bank account for Baby Z!

Marian, opened a bank account for Baby Z!

Marian Rivera just thinking that she will be busy with tapings of her morning show ‘Yan ang Morning’ and Encantadia, makes her cry because she will have to leave she and Dingdong Dantes’ daughter Baby Zia.

Marian is reportedly going to start taping for her morning show on Wednesday in GMA-7 to be directed by Louie Ignacio and will start airing on the first week of May. Boobay will be her co-host and she will be making a social media account for the show where viewers could ask questions and she will answer them in the show.

Marian will also start taping for Encantadia two weeks from now. She is excited because she will be with Dingdong who will portray the role of Haring Raquim. She will have fight scenes and is already practicing at home. Marian is also looking forward to fit her costume.

Marian shared that she opened an account for Baby Z at PNB and everything that she will be earning in her endorsements will go straight to the bank. The youngster will surely save up big amount of money because she has more endorsements coming up.

Marian is also very thankful that her endorsements still trust her and it added more. She has been endorsing Maxi-Peel for eight years now and it seems like their business relationship is going to be forever. Marian uses all the product that she endorses and that is what’s great about her.

Anyway, Marian confirmed that they’ve accepted Baby Zia first endorsement and she will be part of it. They already shot their TVC and it will launch on April 12 in the trade launch and possibly on TV too. Marian shared, Baby Zia did not have any tantrums and she was just all smiles all throughout and they just had a time when it was time for her to drink milk.

Marian’s clue for Baby Zia’s first endorsement is a baby product that adults also uses. In fact, she uses this everyday. There are still three immediate endorsement offers for Baby Zia that she and Dingdong might accept too.

Source: PhilStar