Baby Zia has more expensive talent fee in TV commercials than Her parents.

Baby Zia has more expensive talent fee in TV commercials than Marian?

There were a lot of changes in Marian Rivera’s life since the arrival of her daughter with Dingdong Dantes. In her 8th year with Maxi-Peel, Mrs. Dantes gladly shared her new beauty and new hope moments.

She shared stories of her being a mommy and Dingdong’s wife that she still excited until now.

“My yearning for him is still at the peak. We might follow Baby Z right away! Marian said about the excitement she feels for her husband, especially when they were together in a commercial shoot.”

“It’s different. It’s very hard to explain because we are always together at home. Maybe that is what we discovered great as being my counterpart because it is really there, the excitement, the feeling like, ‘Oh, my husband is really drop-dead gorgeous! Like that!”

The actress also shared that as parents, Dingdong and her are really focused in taking care of Baby Zia. They will also do everything for their daughter to have a bright future who very soon will also have own TV commercial.

“All I can say is that, my daughter’s talent fee is much higher than mine. And it is put in her own bank account. When she reached 18, that’s the only time she can get it,” Marian also shared.

The actress is also hopeful that in her showbiz return, she will focus more on positive things and will go extra mile in choosing real friends.

Meanwhile, Marian also pleaded to stop intriguing her with Heart Evangelista. The issue was very long time ago and they both have moved on.

They are also both very happy with their married life that is why there is no more reason for the controversy about them to be reintroduced once again.

Marian said that Heart already approached her in an event and that is more than enough for her to forgive Sen. Chiz Escudero’s wife.